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Rigid Box Vs. Folding cartons!

Rigid Box Vs Folding Cartons
Rigid Box Vs Folding Cartons

One of the frequently asked questions from our customers is, "What is the difference between Rigid Boxes and Folding Cartons?" Although there are significant differences in their manufacturing processes, some similarities exist, resulting in overlapping features. In terms of cost, Rigid Boxes are generally more expensive compared to Folding Cartons due to their sturdier construction, often being up to five times thicker.

When it comes to enhancing the perceived value of a product through packaging, Rigid Boxes easily take the lead. The notion that more expensive packaging signifies higher quality products works in favor of Rigid Boxes. Moreover, their strength and durability provide extended protection to the enclosed products, making them ideal for Luxury Product manufacturers who prioritize premium packaging.

In terms of the overall appearance and tactile experience, the printing processes for both Rigid Boxes and Folding Cartons are quite similar since they are both printed on paper board. However, for Rigid Boxes, the printed paper or board is affixed to a chipboard, incorporating special effects like UV and Hot Foil stamping. This technique creates the illusion of a thicker packaging while utilizing the sturdy chipboard as its foundation.

At Bell, we strive to guide our customers in selecting the most suitable packaging option. We prioritize providing accurate education about available choices and ensuring that the chosen packaging solution is replicated flawlessly. This approach allows us to achieve mutual success in selling well with Bell.



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